Why vote for MedAssist

Voting for FLL Global Innovation Award is active now, and ends on March 1st at 12pm.  We hope you can come back and vote for us everyday. So far there are 308 teams competing for the award from all over the world, and the number will keep growing, as the deadline for submissions is March 1.

Here is the link to vote: http://fllinnovationaward.firstlegoleague.org/medassist

What makes our project worthy of your vote?

Based on the FAQ, here is why

How will the winners be determined?
The top ten (10) vote getters and ten (10) submissions selected by a panel of experts appointed by FIRST will be judged by a panel of judges appointed by FIRST, who will select the three (3) finalists, including the winner and two (2) runners-up. Judging will be based on:

  • Solution clearly results from the current FLL Challenge?     YES. This project won 1st place in FLL 2012 Senior Solutions challenge in a highly competitive tournament.
  • Feasibility.                                                                                                        Not just feasible, It can actually used every day! Here is where to download Med-Assist
  • Originality/Creativity                                                                                 100% original, and highly creative.
  • Efficiency: Simplicity/cost-effectiveness                                        It’s free. It’s easy to use ( simple YES/NO type ).
  • Public benefit                                                                                                  Millions of seniors all over the world can use it.
  • Commercial viability                                                                                  The app is already on Google Play store. Will be available for Apple devices soon.

Again, from the FAQ:

How do you vote for a submission? Who can vote? How often can you vote?
Anyone can vote! Online vote totals will show popularity of an invention, but they are not the only factor that will determine the finalists or winners.  See “How will the winners be determined?” above for further details.

Click on a team invention either through the “Search for Teams” page located in the main menu or through the “Leader Board” on the left side of the screen. Click on the “Vote” button on the bottom of the invention page, and then answer the CAPTCHA question to record your vote for that invention.

Voting is unlimited. You may vote for as many inventions as you would like, and vote as many times as you like each day. 

Please take a few minutes every day to a) vote for us b) share. This is the last year for all our 8th and 7h graders in FLL, and they truly worked hard to make this a success. They learned tremendously – not only about senior citizens and their daily problems, but also realized they can help seniors with tools of their generation. It’s truly awesome to see their progress. Please support the team.

A big thank you from all of us at team X-BOTS! team X-BOTS, coaches, mentors and parents.


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