FTC East Super Regionals .. amazing time!

Team X-BOTS had an amazing time attending the Super regionals. From the first tournament back in December where  scores over 100 were on the high side, Super Regionals exploded.. team 8221 land 6022 lit up the score board.. with 8221 going over 800… we enjoyed playing at such a high level with so many competitive robots. First trip, and great fun.

The average score of a losing team in our 9 games is 336, whereas overall in Tesla it is 310. The average winning score in Tesla was 459, while in our 9 games, the average was 528, which shows a higher level of competition.
Here is the full list of scores and results…
Team 6700 had an amazing season!
Here is an album..tells a lot more about all the fun we had:

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