RRMS STEM night was great

This is probably the first ever STEM night hosted by Rocky Run Middle School, and it was a blast! There were lots of activities on display, including Math Club, Science Olympiad, Astronaut Club, Lego League, and we were happy to join the event as the FTC Robotics demo team. Thanks to the Principal Dr.Terrell, after-school activities co-ordinator Ms.Sperling and the PTA for hosting the event.

A couple of things that were amazing:

1.The turnout. The kids were very excited to drive our robot: This is the first time we are demonstrating our Android technology based robot, and it was exciting for many kids ranging from 6 to 60 and even older perhaps?

2. How effortless it was to set up the demo robot in a new public place, and get it going with new Android technology, specifically Wifi Direct. The old bluetooth worked almost as well, but for sure, gone are the days of Wifi connectivity hassles inevitable at large public venues always sporting poor WiFi due to large crowds.

PS: Did you know that Rocky Run was one of the first middle schools to have students on FTC teams? X-BOTS was one of the three teams that started in 2012. Today we are happy and excited to mentor and support new teams forming at RRMS.

Here are some pictures:

RRMS_Stem_info2 RRMS_demo2RRMS_handson_fun.jpg 2015-09-15 17.24.21  RRMS_Demo3 RRMS_Signup2 RRMS_Stem_info  RRMS_STEM_HandsOn


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