Update from FTC on Connectivity issues…

The annoying errors many FTC teams reported about disconnects from the ZTE Phones to Modern Robotics are addressed recently by Tom @FTC. Clearly, this is one of the most annoying issues, and disconnects on the field during a competition could spell disaster for any team.

There are 3 suggestions made:

  1. May be it is the USB connector?
  2. May be it is low battery that is causing disconnects?
  3. May be it is something wrong with ZTE and Qualcomm software? This is apparently being investigated.

The 2nd one is fairly easy to solve, with good battery management, making sure batteries are over 12V.

The more concerning are 1 and 3.

Are ZTEs the only ones having issues? What about Moto G2s?

Is there a better connector we can use solve USB issue? In addition to connector, it’s also how much strain relief one has.

Here is the full article.



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