A quant look at our trip to Super Regional

I want to put our performance in context. What better than some quant analysis? I used http://www.ftcstats.org that uses some great number crunching ( mimicking FRC) to rank teams. Our rank is 35 in East Supers out of 72, right smack in the middle.

So how did our alliances and opponents rank? Did we get a fair shake at winning? Overall, how did our allies rank compare with our opponents? Close to even? Wide apart? We felt that during the Super-regional we had strong teams against us, and not much of a strong ally to fight with us – except once during 9 games.

So I quickly checked the average rank at the end for our alliance and opponents: Alliance ( 1 team in top 30, 3 teams in middle, and 5 teams in bottom third). Won 1, 1 and 1 in each group. I calculated the average of rank, but taking alliance team’s final ftcstats.org rank ( for East Super Regionals) and averaged them. Ditto for opponent teams.

Alliance Avg: 44.11, Opponent Average: 28.5. So we battled an opponent 16 points higher in average. Interesting thing is that out of 72 teams, we only had 1 team in top 30!! And 5 in bottom 3rd. 

Game1: Won with 7149. Our win was part of how 7149 advanced to worlds as they moved on as a high ranking team. Good luck to them! Their FTC Stats rank is 48. We carried this game with 88 out of 96 points in mid-game.

GAme2: Lost to Bobots ( top team in TESLA, won all games, FTC Stats rank 9) and their partner ( rank 59). Our partner was ranked worse: at 69. We scored ~240 points on our own, and lost by 70 to BOBOTS, the Finalist Alliance Captain and sensation of Tesla.

Game3: Lost to I2 Robotics ( Rank 4, Inspire Award Winner) and Watts Nxt ( Rank 32; Inspire 2nd place) 296 to 272 – because our Gyros failed and our autonomous resulted in 40 point penalty. We gifted it. We scored 192 points in this on our own. Heart-breaking loss.

Game4: Won with 9901, our friends Techie Titans ( Ranked 60, seems a bit low for them), beating Quantum Mechanics ( rank 16) Advancing as Finalist Alliance Pick2. We scored bulk of the points here as well, carrying our alliance partner in this game.

Game5: Won with Brainstormers ( Rank 1 !). We scored 130+ out of 315. Good game.

Game6: Lost to 4082 ( THINK Award winner, and ranked 16) and their partner Robogamers ( ranked 26) with an alliance ranked 52 who didn’t contribute much to our score. Felt like a solo game.

Game7: Lost. to GearedUp! from NY ( 6347) creaming our alliance. Our keeper servo detached so we could not score on mountain in this game. Our autonomous also failed here.

Game8: Lost. Alliance with Pokebots 4419 ( Ranked 54). Both our hang and 4419’s hang was disallowed and 1 climber was not counted by Refs ( they claimed they didn’t see, although we have video. Video is not allowed for ref review). We lost by 3 points. We would have won if any one of the three were given – hang ( 40), hang ( 40) or climber ( 10). Or if Pokebots didn’t miss one climber.

Game9: Lost to 2 higher ranking teams: 4318 ( Advancing on Rank) and 5414 Enderbots. Our alliance partner gave 120 points penalty by carrying too many blocks. Bad way to end. Our Alliance partner here moves on as a Motivate Award winner.

Summary: We played all top teams in Tesla: Inspire Winner, Inspire Winner2 ( both of whom we beat om score, with no penalty), Finalist Alliance Captain, Think Award winner, Finalist alliance pick 2 ( whom we beat). lost a game due to poor ref reading ( at-least of climber), and lost our last game in which partner gave away 120 penalties ( but won Motivate Award 2 anyways).

Summary: Our mid game consistently scored over 120 points on average. We could do 180. This is some great work by our drive team who practiced for this 2 days before Super Regional.. while end game was less consistent ( 3 hangs) and autonomous threw up new issues ( gyro) and hurt us in a crucial game.

Highs: Perfect game against Bobots, beat I2 + WattsNxt score if it weren’t for our penalty gift. So, that ends our 2016 Super Regional and FTC Journey.

One thing I am not aware of: How does FTC make alliances today? How is initial seeding assigned? It seemed pretty random, but is that really fair? Perhaps FTC should take into account performance and type of achievement that qualified teams to move forward: make sure each team’s allies and opponents fairly represent teams across the categories.

RES-Q Challenge, what a great ride it was! Looking forward to next season.


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