Nikhil attends Dean’s List Award ceremony at World Championships

Nikhil Chintada, our team leader, is a Dean’s List finalist again this year. He was invited by FIRST to attend Dean’s List Award Celebration luncheon with  Dr.Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST,  at the FTC World Championships. He was also invited to be at the special seating at the Opening Ceremony where the awards were presented.

“FIRST has shaped who I am today” says Nikhil. Nikhil embodies virtues of FIRST – ­gracious professionalism, leadership, teamwork, collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship and community service.

Dean’s List finalists are top 100 students selected from teams all over the world. Nikhil was the first pick for Dean’s List award from Virginia this year.

Here is a video from World’s introducing Dean’s List award.

What is a Dean’s List Award for?

We are very proud of Nikhil and his accomplishment!


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