Virginia Tech Maker Festival on 10/01/16

Thank you to the Virginia Tech Maker Festival for the opportunity to present FTC and our love for robotics to our community!



Team X-Bots went to the Maker Festival at the Virginia Tech campus in Arlington!

The team brought our boards and information flyers. We talked to adults and students about FIRST. We shared our team’s experiences and our community outreach efforts in the past and the future.



Alex, Anoushka, Charlie, Eric, John, Kieran, Nikhil, Satish, Shreya, and Srinidhi were all there throughout the day to talk to children and adults and to teach children how to play a game with our demo robot!






We had so much fun spreading our love for STEM and FTC! 

We will be attending more demos in the future so mark your calendars!

For more information about Virginia Tech Maker Festival, please visit their website at:







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