X-BOTS win 1st place at Virginia State Championships

We won the Inspire Award! We won 1st Place in Virginia State Championships!! It’s an amazing honor indeed to be picked as the top team. We are grateful for this honor, and hope to do well at the next level: East Super Regional from March 17 through 19th at Scranton PA .

Here are the awards we won:

Inspire Award 1st place

Think Award 2nd place

Promote Award 1st place

Compass Award 2nd place.

In addition, both of our team’s nominees – Shreya Menon and Kieran Beaumont were selected as Virginia’s Dean’s List finalists. Congratulations to Shreya and Kieran! Both well deserved for all the hardwork, dedication and your passion for excelling in FTC.

The event marks the final State Championship for our seniors – team lead Nikhil Chintada, Satish Venkatesan and Thejus Unnivelan. What a nice way to finish the final State Championship!

One of the other highlights was when we won a qualifier match scoring our highest score of 230 points so far this season.

The event was held at V.E.S School in Lynchburg, VA on 2.25.17. The facility was spectacular and the volunteers who ran the tournament did a tremendous job. @VirginiaFIRST has been an excellent host. There were 54 teams from all over Virginia and one from West Virginia competing. All the teams competing here have advanced earlier from 10 qualifier tournaments.

Congratulations to all the other teams that made it this far to States, and congrats to those who are advancing to Super-regionals.

Here are some pictures from the tournament:




IMG_5584 (1).jpgIMG_5535.jpgIMG_5558.jpgIMG_5530.jpgIMG_5518.jpgIMG_5513.jpgIMG_5567.jpg


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