FTC Programming Resources

FIRST introduced a couple of exciting new programming options in 2017-18 season

  1. FTC Blocks programming earlier this summer
  2. OnBot programming mode in August with 3.2 Beta version

Java is THE recommended language for FTC. ( and MIT App Inventor is being retired by the end of the season).

If you are a Java programmer, here is where you want to start, at the FTC Github location. Never been on github? No worries. You can navigate this fairly easily with the instructions provided here.


If you like step by step videos for a quick start with Java programming in FIRST, here is a playlist you should watch:

FTC provides a plenty of documentation and this year especially, it seems all the documentation was overhauled, and replaced with a Wiki. Here is the brand new Wiki


You can still check out the FIRSTInspires website and their programming reference here for an overview of all the options, as well as how to stay in touch as season goes on:


Boiling down the entire Java/Android Studio into 3 basic steps, we can summarize it as:

  1. Make sure you have the JDK if you are new to Java development or if don’t already have one.  Here it is: http://tinyurl.com/ftcjdkdownload
  2. Download the Android Studio. https://developer.android.com/studio/index.html.
  3. Download the FTC SDK from here. https://github.com/ftctechnh/ftc_app

Don’t forget to read the FTC Game Manual 1 for all the latest details on which Android phones are legal, and what Android versions are legal etc, as well as additional details you must know for competing in FTC. And all the season info you need.


Watch for the Relic Recovery game challenge announcement .. tomorrow.. at noon at a kickoff event near you.

If your FTC team is  Northern Virginia and you plan to attend the kickoff, come say hi to us. We are teaching two courses.. FTC programming in Room 113 during Session A and Session C.

Please come prepared to do some hands on. Get your laptop, installed with Android Studio!

If you have any programming questions please send us an email at info@xbots.org – any time.

Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!


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