Thank you @Actobotics for your sponsorship!

Our team is selected by ServoCity’s @Actobotics for sponsorship during 2017-18 year! We have been advocates of using Actobotics kit since we switched last year.

  1. Some key benefits of using Actobotics for us last season were:
    1. Various mounting options that also enable a more compact design.
    2. Using bearings instead of bushings when building drives provide much smoother movement.
    3. More options for mounts that can snugly fit together channels, eliminating vibrations and hence making for much smoother drive over a longer period, improving structural reliability.
    4. Actobotics provided sturdier servo operation with servo blocks, eliminating stress on the servo motor shaft, and reducing servos breaking down due to stress.

Our team appreciates the sponsorship and thank you very much @Actobotics!

Actobotics Logo.jpg


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