Here is the Java Android Studio programming deck from our @ECPI @FIRSTChesapeake kickoff today

Finally Rover Ruckus season is upon us!

We had a fantastic turnout at the FTC Kickoff hosted by FIRST Chesapeake and ECPI University in Manassas today. Really amazing to see so many new teams and nice to catchup with some of the older teams in the area.

Both our programming sessions presented by our team leader Anoushka were full! We really enjoyed the sessions and the feedback.

A bit about our deck: We wanted to make sure provide a self-contained deck with lots of references for new and rookie teams to be able to pick up FTC programming quickly. We believe that Android Studio – while looking a bit more daunting at first would actually work great for any team due to it’s rich editing, debugging, build, version control and support from Google – after all – it is the official IDE for Google App development.

Hope this deck is helpful. Send us your comments, and we are happy to learn and improve!

Here is the deck



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