At STEM Symposium parnering with CGI Federal

6th year of STEM Symposium, with the ever growing & popular STEM Symposium held at Nysmith School on March 30th 2019. This is also XBOTS’ 6th year presenting FIRST, FTC and Robotics at this event! We are so proud of the opportunity to bring the amazing FIRST program to nearly 3000 students who visited STEM Symposium. We met so many inspired kids at this event over the years, we are happy to be back again. Our team members Anish and Shawn had a blast teach kids how to drive our robot and score a few blocks!

This year our booth was part of CGI Federal’s STEM outreach, and thanks to CGI for partnering with us. Here are some photos from the event.

XBOTS also supports our sister organization STEM Kidz Club co-founded by our team lead Anoushka Chintada in 2014, where the kids enjoy a mix of science and robot fun.


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