Skystone is here!

Skystone challenge is here. Lo and behold, a week into it, we already have our field, and it’s setup. It is one of the fastest field builds we ever did in our 8 years of FTC, thanks to the fewest assemblies in this kit! The field  looks elegant, and stacking game looks to be fun! Atleast when the stacking works, but until then it’s a lot of brainstorming, figuring it out, building and programing  – testing, iterative improvements etc! Here is our journey from watching the game reveal at TC Wilson High School ( thanks @frc5587 !).

Game Reveal


Our official build of #Skystone field at our XBOTS Den! We received the kit on Saturday, and it just took the gang 1.5hours to have it up and ready!


It seems right now the ceiling is the limit to Skystone!

Happy Skystone season everyone!


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