Xbots tribute to #WoodieFlowers

If there is one phrase that captures FIRST experience more than anything else, it is #GraciousProfessionalism. It is the soul of FTC. It is a life skill that teaches us how to be kind and respectful while doing our best work and competing fiercely. Dr.Woodie Flowers, by coining the phrase Gracious Professionalism and working tirelessly as a role model to inspire several generations of of students, leaves a legacy behind that we know  all of us will continue to carry forward.

This very ideal captures everything we strived to do over the years in FTC. We went all out to learn everything FIRST offered – STEM skills, core values, leadership and collaboration skills, while discovering the joys of giving back to the community through volunteering and mentoring others. Dr. Flowers you will forever be missed but we have no doubt your legacy will continue to live through FIRST and the hundreds of thousands of kids and parents you have inspired.

We have a few photos and stories to share. We will cherish the moments you spent with our team and in our booth.

We first met Dr.Flowers at the 2015 Eastern Super Regionals, where he encouraged the team to continue to spread the love of FTC. What was great – and unique – about him was that he always carried markers so kids can sign his shirt – and in turn he signed students shirt. See Woodie signing our team captain Nikhil’s shirt.


Anoushka had a chance to meet him again as a Dean’s List Finalist in 2018 April. She was star struck in his presence. After all, she has been practicing and promoting Gracious Professionalism for years now, and to be in the presence of Woodie was something amazing.


Here is Woodie posing with our team members Nikhil, Ahan and Nandin at 2015 East Super Regionals.

17129960251_c61874e84e_o (1)

FIRST and FTC have been a great ride for our team – thanks to this amazing mentor Dr.Woodie Flowers who will continue to inspire us forever. We miss you. RIP Woodie Flowers!



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