Graduating from FLL? Learn about FTC

High-Fives to all FLL teams competing for City Shaper’s Challenge! With over 500 teams competing for Virginia/DC State Championship, and with over 35,000 teams world-wide, FLL is an incredibly rewarding experience both for students, mentors and parents. Wish you all the best in your FLL season! 

What, after FLL?

If you are wondering what comes after FLL, especially if the team is graduating or even if you are just curious, join award-winning FTC Team XBOTS at Chantilly Library on Sunday November 24th at 3:30pm to discover how much fun FTC can be, and how to get a head start for the next season of FTC.  Please sign up here to attend. 

The FIRST Tech Challenge is designed for students in grades 7–12 to compete head to head, by designing, building, and programming a robot to compete in an alliance format against other teams. The robot kit is Android-based, and it is programmed using Java, the MIT App Inventor, or other Android programming systems.  Learn more about FTC here.

Information to get started is here.  FTC is a fantastic program, but many teams transitioning to FTC from FLL will find the technical aspects are very different, and can be overwhelming during the rookie year, perhaps similar to the rookie year of FLL team. Learning to use the metal hardware kits, REV Electronics, CAD, Android Studio/Java programming will be a lot of fun, while teaching great STEM skills. Below chart is from FIRST showing the impact on students and STEM careers. 


Come join us to learn more and get a head start to your FTC journey.


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