Great to be at Virginia State Championships again!

It’s incredible that we are at our 8th straight Virginia State Championships! Since we started our journey in the Ring It Up season ( 2012-13), we have had a lot of fun with FTC. FIRST and FTC taught us a lot of valuable lessons. It’s been an amazing program. FIRST taught us not only some amazing STEM skills, but also invaluable life skills that our students gain whether they are problem-solving, leading teams, collaborating, presenting, formulating business plans, or making pitches with their incisive presentation skills.

Here is a timeline of our team’s progress through the 8 years, highlights being a State Championship in 2017, 6 Deans List finalists and one Deans List winners, in addition to a number of awards, both in robot and team categories.

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 12.55.20 AM

Through the eight years, we have had over forty students who were part of X-BOTS. But there is one constant – our team captain Anoushka – who has been a founding member, and still a member of the FTC team.  And her last! As a two time Dean’s List finalist from Virginia, and a fervent advocate of STEM, leading the team to States yet again, she makes our team proud!

s9q752DBmeBSK17O5MWIqhPVF_Gvehf8yMtFFjqTfQY-l0ps_IOlMruSjEF6IqZNc1SMAwZQsMLuTrkjJ3-S8_liGSwLPEaNYMvH-hLkKY6isgcTf-rFOQ_CxMYZdWhzOZTGixaNP7qfGCvWaOYNe5j_js227abf42osQg_h-ouybkKMqihd6-DP46F5N2UuHMRbMhdoQFB0pjn5v As we go to States with Anoushka leading the team, wish Anoushka and team good luck! Thank you! You can also visit our facebook page ( or twiter (


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