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Our Mission

To help young minds discover the joys of engineering and working together as team, while developing STEM skills, leadership skills, and building FTC Robots that can compete and win. Inspiring a mind-set of innovation, collaboration, and sharing.

About Us

The X-bots are a community based FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team dedicated to sharing the wonders of STEM and FIRST. After four years in FLL the X-bots graduated to FTC in 2012. This is our fourth year in FTC.

Team consists of three eleventh graders: Nikhil Chintada, Satish Venkatesan, Thejus Unnivelan; six tenth graders: Eric Link, Kieran Beaumont, Shreya Menon, Srinidhi Krishnan, Edward Sun and Aria-Pooja Gupta; one eighth grader: Anoushka Chintada and one seventh grader: Charlie Wu. Since winning the Virginia/DC Division 1 FLL Championships in 2010, we have been FIRST ambassadors and have spread our love of FIRST to the community. We feel that FIRST has taught us many valuable life lessons besides STEM  – leadership skills, team work, and Gracious Professionalism and want to bring that to our community and beyond.



Nikhil Chintada

Role – Team Lead, Programmer, Builder, Coach Business Lead, Engineering Notebook Team, Community Outreach

Hi, I am Nikhil Chintada I am an twelfth grader at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. I enjoy building, programming, drawing, writing, watching movies, playing video games, filming, editing. I play the trombone and Piano. I started participating in FLL events from 2nd grade. I am a six year FLL veteran and have gone to the states competition three times, once winning the judges award and another time winning the overall championship. My team and I represented Virginia and DC at the international opens in May, 2011. For the past four years our team has been promoting FLL and starting FLL and Jr.FLL teams. This year we held an FTC workshop at the largest FLL tournament in Virginia at GMU. I’m so excited to continue FTC this season and I hope we will do even better this season. I am a programmer on the team and a strategist.I am a two time Dean’s List finalists and was invited to go to the World Championships. This year I’m hoping our team will be able to go as well. FIRST has been a huge part of my life and I really want to explore the opportunities these challenges offer and go wherever this wonderful program takes me. I’m so excited and I know this season will be incredible!



 Anoushka Chintada

Role   – Engineering Notebook lead, Builder

  Hi! My name is Anoushka Chintada. I am an 9th grader at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. This is my 5th year of FTC, and I have participated in First Lego League for two years. Some of my hobbies are reading, playing flute, and doing science experiments. I am training in Indian Classical dance and I performed at Kennedy Center with my dance group. In middle school I enjoy doing Science Olympiad and helping the 8th grade FTC team at our school. In my house, FTC is a family event, with my brother and both parents coaching. I really love FTC and FIRST as they’ve both helped shape my life in so many ways. Last season I enjoyed going to Super Regionals. It was an amazing feeling to just be there, and I hope we can make it to Worlds this time around! My roles in FTC is maintaining the Engineering Notebook and building.

 Charlie Wu

Role   – Programmer

 Hi! I’m Charlie Wu. I’m a 8th grader at Longfellow Middle School. This is my second year of FTC but I have also done 3 year of FLL before. Some things I like to do include tennis, math, and programming. Some things I like to do in my free time are hanging out with my friends and watching YouTube and Netflix. Ever since I got my first robotics kit when I was 7, I loved programming and working with robots. Even though this is my first year in FTC, it already seems like a ton of fun. My role in our team is mainly programming, but I help with a lot of other things too.

 Eric Link

Role   – Builder, Driver

Hello! My name is Eric Link. I am a 11th grader at Thomas Jefferson High School. I am 17 years old. This is my 2nd year of FTC. Prior to this year I have participated in FRC at Thomas Jefferson as well as FTC with the X-Bots. I enjoy reading, playing the clarinet, and tinkering with home automation. I am currently taking a prototyping course at Thomas Jefferson. Two years ago, I was able to place first in the Freshman Robotics competition at Thomas Jefferson. I have remained involved with a prior teacher of mine to introduce STEM topics into elementary school classrooms. I decided to become involved with FTC because by passion is with robotics. I joined X-Bots because they are a serious team with the drive and motivation to build a great robot as well as spread knowledge of STEM to the community. I am very excited to see how this season turns out.

 Kieran Beaumont

Role   – Builder, Driver

Hello my name is Kieran Beaumont and I am an 11th grader at Thomas Jefferson HS. I participate in cross country, indoor track, and soccer at school. I also enjoy playing strategic video games and talking with my friends. I was a member of an FTC team in 8th grade which is what got me interested in robotics. I joined the team last year and have had a wonderful experience! I am interested in building, programming, and CAD design. This year I am continuing my robotics experience by taking part in the FRC team at our school, and taking Robotics and Prototyping classes. I’m very excited to be with the X-Bots and hope we have a great season!

 Satish Venkatesan

Role   – Building, Programming

 Hi, I’m Satish Venkatesan.  I am a Senior at Chantilly High School. My career goal is to work with computers and robotics. While I love robotics, I also have other interests. I like music and I play the violin. I also like sports. I like to watch basketball, soccer, which I play seasonally, and football. I am a boy scout and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. My role on X-Bots is as a programmer. I am one of the three programmers on my team. This is my fifth year doing FTC. Last year was a great experience for my team and I, we had made it to Super Regionals for a 2nd time and we learned so much from that experience. This year we plan to do well and we have high expectations for our team. Our goal is to make it to Worlds.

 Shreya Menon

Role – Community Outreach, CAD, Build, Engineering Notebook team

My name is Shreya Menon. I’m an eleventh grader at Robinson Secondary School, and this is my fourth year in FTC. My roles include CAD, building, driving, and Engineering Notebook. My interests include dance, singing, writing and drawing. I am a part of the Model United Nations club and the Speech and Debate club in my school. I am the Operations Manager of the Robinson Speech and Debate team. I am a member of the Robinson Chapter of National Honor Society and Math Honor Society. I tutor children in math and science inside and outside of school. I am currently participating in my school’s science fair and I hope to continue furthering my research on polymers. I also volunteer at the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, Virginia. Outside of school, the Center for Talented Youth gave me a certificate because I placed in the top 5% on the John Hopkins Test. One of my greatest achievements is First Lego League. I participated four years in FLL. My team and I went to States four years in a row. For three years, I helped mentor my younger sister’s FLL team. Now I am mentoring my sister’s FTC team. I really look forward to continuing FTC for the rest of high school.


 Srinidhi Krishnan

Role – CAD, Build, Engineering Notebook

 Hi, my name is, and I’m a junior at TJHSST. I am a member of the crew team, yearbook staff, and Model UN club in school. I am extremely interested in music, and I have learned piano for four years. I have also been a part of the school chorus for many years, and was a part of county and district choirs. Outside of school, I have learned Indian classical music for over ten years and have won awards at the national level. This is my first year in FTC, but I have some background in robotics through summer camps in Fairfax Collegiate. As a member of the X-Bots, I look forward to using my programming skills, and learning how to build and do CAD!

 Thejus Unnivelan

Role – Programming, Building

 My name is Thejus Unnivelan, an 12th grader at TJHSST. My hobbies and activities include playing video games, wrestling at school, Tae Kwon Do, programming, drawing, watching anime, and traveling places with my friends and family. I used to play piano and I started to learn guitar by myself last year. This year will be my second year doing FTC or any robotics competition, but I expect myself to have fun and a challenge doing it. In FTC I hope I can show my programming skills and gain some new skills such as fundraising, building, CAD, and teamwork. I’m grateful and excited and will do my best for this team.

Alex Gurung

Role – Programming
Hi, I’m Alex Gurung, and I’m new to FTC this year.  I’m a junior at Thomas Jefferson HS. I’m interested in computer programming, especially applied to biology, AI and robotics!

When I’m not hacking I enjoy cross-country, soccer and travel.  I’m very excited to be joining the X-Bots and am looking forward to learning from, and contributing to, the team!





John Link

Role  – CAD Designer
Hello, my name is John Link. I am a student at James Madison High School in Vienna VA. I am a 9th grader who enjoys making CAD models.  This is my 2nd year of FTC and my first year with X-Bots. Outside of X-Bots I enjoy reading, 3D printing, and CAD. This year I will be working on the design aspect of the robot and the stress-testing of the robot. FTC is the “first” robotics program! I am excited to teach kids all about STEM and robotics.

Robotics is part of daily life in the family: Nagesh Chintada and Asha Indira have dedicated countless hours and their basement for Robotics, coaching the X-BOTS for over 9 years now. They both have background in Computer Science, Engineering, Product Development, and they enjoy mentoring the youth, teaching them skills to thrive in 21st Century through FTC.

Our Coaches Asha Indira and Nagesh Chintada


X-BOTS.. some milestones…

The X-bots at the Eastern Super-Regional Tournament in 2015
The X-bots after winning the Virginia/DC  FLL State Championship in 2010. Went on to represent Virginia at FLL International @Legoland, California.
Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 2.12.44 AM
The X-Bots very first tournament ( FLL) in 2009.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alison Dickson-Kozloski says:

    I am wondering how a child joins the team. I have an eighth grader at Irving Middle School who is interested.

    1. xbots says:

      Hi Alison, teams usually form /recruit during June through August. There are many local, community teams which usually look to add new members. It really depends on the kid can do and is motivated to do.

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