Our team is proud to be a FIRST Ambassador. We are dedicated to promoting FIRST and STEM in our community through local, regional and national events, and around the world through virtual connections. Through a number of outreach events, hosting robot demos, workshops while partnering with our sponsors, non-profits, local schools and at public places like libraries, we are eager to share our experience in FIRST and how FIRST has changed our lives. We love to share out it has helped us embrace STEM and the incredible joy of learning through hands-on activities, facing failures, turning them into success, and learning life skills such as collaboration, teamwork, leadership as well as STEM skills such as programming, mechanical engineering, CAD  and system integration.

This year alone, we hosted over 35 outreach events, and with a reach of over 10,000 students and parents.

We’d love to know if you have any questions, or interested in partnering with us. Reach out at