FLL Core Value: We share our experiences with others.

Team X-BOTS believes that FLL Core Values play a critical role in developing youth into responsible, productive and innovative adults with problem solving skills, and a sense of service to help their community – whether it is local, national or global.  If you are not familiar with core values, check here.

Starting in 2010, we have been a part of a number of events on local and national stage where we participated, and shared our experiences.

See some of the pictures over the years..

X-BOTS mentored FLL team Brainstormers sharing their rookie year FLL experience at Greenbriar West.
One of the Junior FLL teams shares their creation at our outreach meeting
Nikhil presenting FTC, FIRST and all the fun it is..
Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 3.02.10 AM
X-BOTS demonstrate their Robot @ STEM Symposium @Nysmith
Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 3.03.17 AM
X-BOTS spread the message of FIRST and FTC inspiring new teams at Rocky Run Middle School
Nikhil visiting a school in India, donating a prosthetic arm to a 10 year little girl.. inspiring a young mind…


Over 200 in the audience, and our X-BOTS hold the stage demonstrating Robot and sharing about FTC




X_FTC2012-13 072

Working with Students of Bull Run FLL team 2012

Check out our community category here for more.

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