Game Videos

Our latest videos are here…

Norfolk Qualifier, Winning Alliance, Final Game:

What a great atmosphere for the possible final game.. 2nd  match  of the Finals….

From Maryland, round 3:

Control Award:

Watch this video for the corrections in Game Animation:

You’ll notice that

  • The Kickstand is to the right of the center goal
  • Position 1:Kickstand faces parking zone of the same color, center goal away from ramp.
  • Position 3: Kickstand faces ramp of the same color, center goal faces parking zone.
  • Position 2 is 45 degrees between 1 and 3, which means the goal is facing to the left of parking zone ( facing other team’s rolling goals)

We may have some issues with how our goals were placed in Haymarket.


Practice Video.. score all 5 balls

Northern Virginia Qualifier

Alliance 2 Semi-final game2:

Qualifier Games

Winning Alliance Final Game, Central Virginia .. see the ball drop


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