Download MedAssist here.

Med-AssistLogo1We are proud to present our innovative app, Med-Assist, a free new app for your Android devices to help senior citizens and care-givers improve medication adherence. What medication adherence, you wonder? If you are taking 5 or more medications per day, multiple times a day, chances are, you are likely to forget one, take one at wrong time, or overdose on some by accident, resulting in poor medication adherence sometimes with serious consequences. Proper adherence  means taking medication as prescribed, in proper dosage, on time, and and most importantly without worrying about side-effects. Today, there are hundreds of products that address different parts of the problem, but not one that makes important to help medication adherence, while making it a fun experience, thus making it more likely to be used, while also being free. It is our generation’s gift to our seniors and families.

Our innovative app provides significant benefits to help seniors and families save money, reduce stress and stay independent longer.

Research shows that not taking medications properly  is number one reason for hospitalizations among seniors over 65, accounting for one third of medicare costs. More concerning, multiple hospitalizations may lead to a senior losing control of daily functions, and this losing independence, with serious consequences on health and finances.

With Med-Assist, a senior citizen is able to

– Get a reminder for medications. Reminders can be scheduled by family, friends or one-self.

– Connect with care-givers, family, friends with touch of a button

– Emergency help

– Access entertainment

– Score points for keeping healthy

Download MedAssist here.

Let your friends know! Help us make a difference in your community. Thank you.

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